Waze is the key to civic-mindedness

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Waze is the key to civic-mindedness
By Zan Azlee

Malaysia is a country with people that have no manners or civic-mindedness when it comes to being on the road and driving. Behind the wheel, even the most docile grandmother will turn into a vicious, uncouth and vile language-speaking spawn of Lucifer.

It’s like people turn into power-crazy Hitlers when they have an accelerator pedal at the bottom of their foot and feel like they rule the world. I’ve experienced my share of road bullies, with some even on the verge of being violent, when I’ve mistakenly cut in front of their car or forget to give a signal.

I have to admit, I get pretty edgy when I’m driving too. Even the slightest unintentional wrongdoing by another driver gets me screaming and throwing certain fingers around. But I think everything is about to change. And this is all because of a wonderful app available on the smartphone called Waze. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

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