To be fair and honest is to call them racists


To be fair and honest is to call them racists
By Zan Azlee

I like being a journalist as it allows me to be on the ground, experiencing and observing things as it happens. And I get the prestigious job of relating this to the public. One thing that I pride myself on as a journalist is the fact that I try very hard to be open minded, fair and honest with whatever I observe and relay.

So let me relay to you, as open-minded, fair and honest as I can, what I saw while following the campaign trail this GE13 so far. As all of you would know, politicians like to campaign, and one of their favourite campaign activities is to ‘go on the ground’ and visit people.

One weekend, I decided to follow a Barisan Nasional candidate as he visited a pasar malam. And you can’t get as down and dirty with the people then at a pasar malam! I arrived early and so I decided to visit the BN operation centre at the entrance of the pasar malam while waiting for him.

The candidate happens to be from Umno and while I was waiting, I listened to the recording of a ceramah the BN operation centre was playing out over their loud speakers. I don’t know who the person on the recording was, but he was spewing out racist remarks almost throughout the whole time I was listening. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

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