iPhone Journalism in Syria

Inspiring journalism!

iPhone Journalism
By Zan Azlee

MARCH 16 – Solo-journalism has been my passion for many years now and it has been the basis of almost all my journalistic work till today. For the many news reports I do and documentaries that I produce, I would write, shoot, edit and take my own photographs, literally as a one-man-crew.

And I get to do all this thanks to all the technology available today. I have small broadcast quality video cameras, laptops for editing and mobile Internet. Over the years, solo-journalism has started to grow. Big broadcasters such as the BBC, CNN, Channel 4, etc, have been experimenting with the concept.

I, myself, have contributed news stories and documentaries that were produced solo-journalism style to some of these big broadcasters. But there really hasn’t been an entire news network or agency that has actually converted fully to solo-journalism in obtaining their content.

But things might just change seeing that one of the big international news networks, Al Jazeera International, recently aired a documentary shot fully with an iPhone. [Click to read the full article]


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