I really don’t want to be ashamed to be a Muslim in Malaysia

Zan flirting in Tehran, Iran.

Being a Muslim in Malaysia
By Zan Azlee

MARCH 9 –  I’m sick and tired of people saying that the greeting ‘assalamualaikum’ and ‘waalaikumsalam’ are exclusively for Muslims and haram for anyone else. Apparently, if a non-Muslim greets you that way, you will be damned to hell if you were to reply. And god forbid, if you were to initiate the greeting! To those who aren’t familiar, ‘assalamualaikum’ means ‘peace be upon you’, and ‘waalaikumsalam’ means ‘and upon you be peace’.

I really wonder where is it said in Islam that the ‘salam’ is exclusively for Muslims? I would be really grateful if someone could point this out for me. Please save me from my ignorance because as far as my religious knowledge goes, I have only found evidence that proves that it isn’t a sin.

Over the years, I have traveled extensively throughout the Muslim world (especially the Middle-East) and people in all of these places greet each other, whether Muslim or not, with these greetings. And in all of these countries, this has never been an issue at all. And hence I find it very problematic that it is a big issue in my own country Malaysia. [Click to read the rest of the article at The Malaysian Insider]

6 responses to “I really don’t want to be ashamed to be a Muslim in Malaysia

  1. “Do not greet the Jews and the Christians with salaam.” However, if they salaam first, we may reply by saying “wa alaykum” (and upon you).” (Bukhari and Muslim)

    just a reminder my muslim brother. it is not culture, it a hadith said by our Messanger. Hope you take note and understand. You may wish the non-muslim peace using other words, but not with assalamualaikum.


    • Ahh… but you forgot to add that when Prophet Muhammad said that particular Hadith… he and his fellow Muslims were in the midst of the Battle of Banu Quraizah and they were faced with a hostile enemy. It is different in times of peace my friend.

      Shalom Aleichem!


      • Sorry, I cant verify that. It’s up to you how you want to interpret the hadith. I’m just reminding you. We are all accountable for what we said. At least I said what I believe based the hadith. If you want to disagree, it up to you. Assalamualaikum (this is the language that we will use in Heaven, insya Allah)


      • Another thing is you also forgot to mentioned there are three different Islamic scholar views on giving salaam to non-muslims. Probably you should highlight that as well in your article.


    • It is actually easy to verify the Hadith… I am basing it on the same source you are using.. which is Bukhari.

      And as for the three different scholarly views… I am basing my research on Imam Shafie… who is one of the most liberal ones. Which mazhab do you subscribe to?


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