Taking a break after Afghanistan… whining time!

I’m taking it easy this week after coming back from Afghanistan. So today’s column at The Malaysian Insider might be a little on the light side (or whiney!). What do you guys think?

Producing online videos… how novel!
By Zan Azlee

SEPT 23 — Make money by producing online videos. Use all the resources available such as YouTube, Vimeo and all the cheap and accessible equipment out there. That has been my advocacy message all these years since I have been involved in the “industry”.

But I’m so incredibly annoyed by the fact that it’s been so many years (almost a decade) and I’m still trying to push this idea ahead. I’m also so incredibly annoyed by the fact that even today, there are so many articles and writings propagating this idea.

Now you would ask, if I’m a proponent why should I be annoyed? Well, the answer is simple. Years have gone by and we’re still stuck at this stage of the idea. The problem with these articles (unfortunately, including mine) is that they’re all still trying to push online videos as something novel and unexplored. [Click to read the rest of the article at The Malaysian Insider]

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