Off the record… in Afghanistan

I am shocked that I even have time to write my column for The Malaysian Insider here in Afghanistan!

Off the record… in Afghanistan
By Zan Azlee

SEPT 16 — There is something about a video camera that makes people apprehensive. Some are shy but most are just afraid that what they say or do on camera might harm them. As a video journalist and documentary film-maker, I document a lot of people doing and saying things in real life. I think I do quite well in convincing people to be more candid, casual and honest when they talk to me and my camera.

A lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m mainly a solo journalist and I don’t have a crew. Since I’m alone when I’m recording, people feel more at ease. But I also like to think that it could be because I have inviting eyes and I smile and laugh a lot. And that puts people at ease (haha!). There are, of course, those who are just too shielded and even my charm and good looks can’t break them.

One good example is my current stint as an embedded journalist with the Malaysian Armed Forces who are serving in Afghanistan, for my next documentary project. [Click to read the full article]

One response to “Off the record… in Afghanistan

  1. i’ve not personally met you but i believe, based on your writings (and of course your boyish impish charm) that it is your ability to put people at ease that makes a difference.


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