The PPPA amendment – premature reaction?

And so we might be the next Egypt or China. Isn’t that cool?

The PPPA amendment – premature reaction?
By Zan Azlee

JAN 28 — Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein recently said people should not jump to conclusions about the intention to amend the country’s press laws. According to our beloved home minister, it’s just a proposal and no final decisions nor details have even been brought up yet so don’t react prematurely.

Of course, we all know that this apparent “premature” reaction was caused by his secretary-general, Datuk Seri Mahmood Adam. What did he do? He said that the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 (PPPA) should expand its scope to include “publications” online and blogs.

Now according to the PPPA, all media outlets are required to renew their publishing and printing permits annually. New Media never had to deal with that because in 1995, our then prime minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, pledged that Malaysia would never censor the Internet. [Click to read the rest of the article at The Malaysian Insider]

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