New serialised film on FATBIDIN.TV launches with first episode out today!

And a new film is released in serialised form on FATBIDIN.TV! That’s right baby! We’re alive and kicking this 2011! The film is KAMPUNG BARU ALAF BARU (NEW AGE NEW VILLAGE), shot and aired on ntv7 in conjunction with Malaysia’s 2010 Merdeka celebrations. And if you want, you can even buy the DVD to own it for yourself!

Part 1 of 8
Kampung Baru… a village in the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur. Has it lost it’s village essence?

Short synopsis:
Kampung Baru is a traditional Malay village situated in the heart of the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. Traditional Malay houses are surrounded by huge concrete and steel skyscrapers that provide a juxtaposition of modern urbanisation and customs and tradition. Zan talks to several individuals who have close ties with Kampung Baru to try and capture the essence of the village.

FAT BIDIN PRESENTS is a series which will host long form documentaries. Click here to see all the episodes.

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