Solo Journalism vs. One-Man Band!

Work is tough! Especially when you have so much of it! I’ve been busy directing a historical documentary. Should be out on TV soon. Will let you all know once the time comes!

In the meantime… check out my latest column at The Malaysian Insider!

Solo journalism vs one-man band

By Zan Azlee

MARCH 19 — I’m an advocate of solo journalism, as you will know if you’ve been following my writings here on The Malaysian Insider. That’s how I shoot a lot of my work. Basically, I am the producer, director, videographer, editor and even host/presenter. I used to describe my method simply as being a one-man band or crew. But then I read a commentary by veteran broadcaster Michael Rosenblum.

Michael Rosenblum is another person who is a strong advocate of solo journalism and I share many of his views on why solo journalism is the way to go. But recently, he wrote something on his website that got me thinking. He differentiated solo journalism and one man bands when it comes to news production. It caught my interest and got me thinking.

In fact, this column is also inspired by a conversation I had with one of the head editors at The Malaysian Insider recently regarding solo journalism. I was for it, and he was against it! His argument was that a solo journalist wouldn’t be efficient enough as compared to a small crew. [Click to read the rest of the article]

3 responses to “Solo Journalism vs. One-Man Band!

    • Hi Michael!
      Nice of you to leave a comment. I’m a regular visitor to your site and I find what you have to say very inspiring. I’ve actually done three feature length documentaries using (what I like to believe!) the solo journalism method. Two have been broadcast on Malaysian TV while my latest can be seen as a serialised version on

      Also… if you’re going to be in the San Francisco Bay area this April, I would like to invite you to come to University of California, Berkeley. They have invited me over to screen two of my documentary films and give a couple of talks at the ISLAM TODAY ARTS & CULTURE FESTIVAL.



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