Zan will appear live on ntv7’s The Breakfast Show! interviewed me during my preview screening last week.

And Rezuan (dude… why didn’t you tegur me that night?) also posted a video of the introduction to the film that evening. Thanks! I appreciate the support from all that came!

Being the super duper star that I am… I’ve been invited to appear on ntv7’s live The Breakfast Show this Tuesday, 25th Aug 2009, between 9am and 10am, to talk about I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border. So catch it! If you have to go to work that morning… don’t! Muahahaha!

3 responses to “Zan will appear live on ntv7’s The Breakfast Show!

  1. hey ilyas!!! FIRE, BEER & MAYHEM!!! hahaha!!! nice idea… but not really in my case lah! hahaha!! however… i’ve recently started riding again after 4 years off my bike! it started when i was walking in budapest, hungary and i saw a BMX shop… i bought a bike to bring home to malaysia!! hahaha!! it’s justin miller’s signature bike… the militant.


    • HOLY KERBAU bro dat is a damn good bike u got! demm budapest is full with top bmx flatlanders bro. meet anyone? whenever u free pls join us riding at multilevel carpark at pj oldtown. friday night 11pm onwards.please do sir!


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