Re-broadcast of the first I’M MUSLIM TOO! documentary film on ntv7

With all the excitement around my latest film (or am I the only one excited?!?), I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border, being released on ntv7 in September, some people have been asking about the first I’M MUSLIM TOO! installment which was released last year. Well, worry no more! Due to its immense popularity (ahem ahem!), ntv7 will be re-broadcasting it this year. They will show the 4-episodic version every Sundays (starting on 23rd August, 2009) at 5pm. So make sure you catch it!

If you need to be reminded what it’s about, click here. If you want to make this film your very own to hold and touch every night before you go to sleep, you can purchase the DVD at the Fat Bidin E-Store!

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