I’m back… as a foreign correspondent!

Yo bros and hoes! I know I know I know! It’s been a while and you all miss me to bits. I can explain though. I’ve been really busy. I’ve been working on some television programmes (of which you will see updates here soon!), on my film The Life & Times of an Islamic Insurgency (updates… including videos… will be up soon too!) and some other journalistic endeavours.

I also got a new gig… as foreign correspondent for a Dutch television station called VPRO TV. My first story for them is about feisty 90 year old Tok Maimun Yusof from Kuala Terengganu who ran for parliament in last year’s General Elections. Metropolis TV (that’s the name of the programme) airs every Sunday on Nederland 3 in The Netherlands. So if you’re there, do tune in! If you aren’t, God is great and you can watch the episodes on their website here. If you just want to watch my story, click here.

Oh… and I’ve also started Twittering! So make sure you get my Twitter updates! Haha!

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