And the winner is…

The day started out fine and sunny. Unfortunately, I got up to a late start. The bed and air-con was just too comfortable! By the time I headed out it was late afternoon, and the heavy rain threatened to drown everyone.

You would think it would stop people from heading out to vote. Heck, even my camera started acting up and decided to go all foggy on me! But the people kept on coming in droves.

After the polls were closed, first stop was the Gerakan operations centre. Things looked grim. Every time a result was called in, it was a huge margin for the opposition. After a few hours, they just stopped counting.

Things were different in the DAP camp. Hugely different!

DAP won all the seats they contested. 19 state seats and 7 parliamentary seats. The new Penang state government consisting of DAP and PKR gave their first press conference to a horde of media representatives.

And what about Jeff Ooi? Salam sejahtera YB!

As for the rest of the country… PAS retains Kelantan and captures Kedah. DAP-PKR-PAS capture Perak. PKR settles down in Selangor. Big loss for Barisan National. Finally, some democracy!

(Videos to come very soon. And for more of the low-down, Oon has it here.)

2 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. Zan,

    I have heard of your name in the independent film making world in Malaysia. Little did I expect you would come all the way to Penang to do a short film on 3 hot days in Penang. This is truly a defining moments for all Penangites (dat includes me) and you have manage to capture it all ! I applaud your effort ! Bravo on such attempt ! You nailed it ! I look forward to your screening in Penang soon !



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