Mob the YB!

Today (Friday) is the last day of campaigning and everyone will go to the polls tomorrow. Jeff Ooi had to make 2 final stops. The first was in Bagan where he campaigned for Lim Guan Eng. The second was in his own constituency of Jelutong.

The crowd was massive!

It’s too bad that the mainstream media won’t be reporting on it. But let me tell you, citizen journalism is at its peak. Isn’t it wonderful how accessibility is democratising the media?

Karpal Singh, the former Tiger of Jelutong (who is currently contesting for the Bukit Gelugor parliamentary seat), endorses Jeff, the new Tiger of Jelutong.

Jeff can really work the crowd even without a guitar.

The crowd went crazy over him just like how people would go crazy over Hollywood celebrities! They actually mobbed him. I have never seen anything like this in Malaysian politics. Not even with Anwar Ibrahim! This would all make for a good film, don’t you think?

All photos by me this time. It’s really tough juggling between my video camera and my still camera. Damn I’m good!

(Check out more pics and details at Oon’s)

21 responses to “Mob the YB!

  1. Salute! it was a great speech, full of idea, info, data proved, pantun, undisclosed facts, BN weaknesses, etc…..
    Again whathever it is, we are watching, you need to prove your capability for all what you had said.
    The important thing is – I was just voted for DAP BOTH DUN and Parliment. all the best to you – DAP.


  2. Thank you Mr. Azlee for putting up all these picture and captions on your website. The government tight grip controlled mass media (all newspaper, televisions stations and radio stations) did not get to report these events. Some purposely playing down the impact of the ceramah, reporting less people attending and twisted words. What a shame. Thank you for providing this service to let the whole world know. Unless Malaysia become another Burma/Myamma that even internet is fully control within the country, then the citizen will have arms to rise up. I am sure by tomorrow March 9, 2008 we will see a new beginning to a better Malaysia.


  3. Terima kasih atas sumbangan Zan sungguh mengalakkan.

    I have a request; can you do a picture essay on The Rise of Rakyat as many of us feel it will serve as a good reminder of our struggle to break free from the strangle hold of bn. This document will serve to remind us not to take things for granted and encourage us to continue the struggle for freedom as provided in the Constitution. May Allah bless Malaysia and heal it!


  4. It is a blessing infact to have such a massive crowd waiting patiently to hear the other side of the story.I hope the massive support of the people’s power would turn into the vote for the oppositions be it DAP,PKR or PAS.Syabas and best of luck


  5. Thanks for the photo and info.
    Don’t listen for change, take action….vote for change. Both to DAP….JOM UBAH!!!!!

    Cheers to Democracy and Reformasi!!!!!!


  6. Thank u for the great picture.Am sure u would be a great photographer or director someday.
    I do agree with the comments above that we need to change…Malaysian deserve a better living standard.

    Just voted Dr Zahrain in bayan baru and another PKR member…sorry forgot the name.
    Anyway,who cares as long as its opposition…lol.


  7. I am from Penang. I know Jeff will make a good MP as he can debate well and in Bahasa Melayu too. You have my vote Jeff.


  8. ِAzlee, Nice work keep up ..

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    my regard .. to you !


  9. alahhhhh

    Quote from Zan: “All photos by me this time. It’s really tough juggling between my video camera and my still camera. Damn I’m good!”

    y you so perasan oneeee!!!


  10. Congrats to Jeff Ooi and above all Congrats to the Opposition for taking Penang and four other states.

    We down here in Selangor state are delighted to be LIBERATED from Barisan tyrany and in a big way.

    Now, for once, I can respect the Menteri Besar of Selangor.


  11. I voted for DAP in both DUN and Parliament – Datuk Keramat & Tanjung. Any way find attached herewith my comments on the expected outcome;

    Re: Election Tsunami 2008

    Open letter as to what, a simple sole like me , ( I am a freethinker in both politic and religion) had to say about the not so surprise win by the opposition in Penang.

    First and foremost, after the election date is announced, most elected YBs from the ruling component parties, start printing flyers or Report Cards on what they had been doing all this while or the Party taking out full page advertisements in the media, trying to claim credentials on what they had done so as to benefit the rakyat like you and me.They are trying to sell or emphasizing their ‘work quality’ . Points to ponder,

    1. Are they not elected to act on the interests of the Public without being told to do so. Funds ( I may be wrong) could have come from the Federal Government for projects in that area. But from the flyers after reading them, one will construe that they ( the YBs ) are paying from their own pockets!
    2. Advertisements in the printed media or by Billboards are expensive- why can’t they direct such money to the needful rather then try to redeem themselves for what they did not do when they should be doing it.
    3. Prior to these events, one cannot help in noticing that when ever a YB had rectify a condition, there be such ‘trumpeting’in the Press the following days.
    4. The YBs value their ‘egos’ more when they are doing their jobs – especially during the campaigning, they make it a point that their second halfs or family members are supporting them by boiling soups for them to ‘cool down’ or a family shots of sure supporters.
    5. The Press also played a part in their downfall, because the former have taken more photographs of them, whereas the Opposition parties are not given a hint of their existence!! More so whenever the YBs while on their ‘marketing rounds’ helping the Public Joes to fry beehoon, washing, concerning an accident victim or anything that happened ‘ad hoc’. Ultra motives – you be your own judge!

    In Penang the 3 ‘stooges’ and their proxies have been trying to tell the Public who should be the next CM- they have forgotten one thing or is it they are quite sure that they will be elected in the first place.

    When election is quite now, there is suddenly an influx of land titles being given, or land given for schools, place of for the needy, etc – they did this as circumstances fit them- for 365 days x 4 in the past, were such charitable acts being done?

    It is really a mockery of democracy, if one do not take into consideration, that the electrorates are the roots or foundations of a free Government.The former are now more educated, aware of what is going on round the local and international scenes, can reason and question, we Malaysians are no more like the “katak bawak temporong” syndrome.

    Remember what President Abraham Licncoln said:



  12. The past elections I (regretfully) voted for those BN bast**d and they made a mess of our beloved Malaysia. They have tricked and deceived us.

    But this election I voted for DAP (thank God, DAP was contesting in my constituency). Actually before nomination, I have already made up my mind to vote for any opposition parties (as long as it is not BN).

    Those BN hopefuls (my condolences to them) are snobbish, arrogant, and proud. Counting the chickens before they are hatch! Overconfidence, like the three stooges. Dreaming of the CM posts.
    (Ha ha….carry on dreaming…Mr Stooges) But they did not ask permission from their Boss (we voters lah!) first! They thought they have the powers to do what they want! Stupid dreamers!

    They are so dumb (after so many years of experiences in politics) and never learn that the power is in us – the people power!

    Anyway, congratulations to the oppositions especially DAP! Great job well done!

    For the first time, I will learn to respect the Chief Minister.


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