It is finally done!

You may think I’ve neglected ‘The Look-East Project’, but I have not! Editing is done my friends and that means the final film has been completed. Let me introduce to you the final character of the film here.

I have managed to sell the film to a local broadcaster!! Woohoo!! I’m rolling in dough!!! Swimming in cash!!! Drowning in dollars!!! Suffocating in syillings!!!

It’ll be on air… as soon as it is cleared by the (jeng jeng jeng!!) Censorship Board. Stay tuned for more info!


5 responses to “It is finally done!

  1. Dear Zan,

    I liked the subject matter of your documentary. I think it is amazing for a woman to break into such a male-dominated activity. They definitely do not conform to gender stereotyping. Very enlightening!



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