‘Tudung’ and ‘Sheila’ screen in Singapore

Two Fat Bidin films have been selected for the 2007 Singapore Indie Documentary Film Festival.

Tudung (2005), Directors: Liew Seng Tat & Zan Azlee
“What is the purpose of the tudung? Is it to keep things clean and fresh?”
Screening Details:
6 March, 7.30pm
The Substation Theatre, Singapore

Searching for Sheila (2006), Director: Zan Azlee
“When the filmmakers went to Jogjakarta in Indonesia, they were hoping to find the popular Indon rock band ‘Sheila on 7’. They searched high and low throughout the city…”
Screening Details:
10 March, 8.30pm
The Substation Theatre, Singapore

So… book your tickets to Singapore now! And if you are Malaysian and can prove that you were at the screenings of my films… I shall give you a free DVD of my first feature film ‘The Look-East Project’! DING DING DING DING!! FREE GIFT BONANZA!!! (But no bungalow with a pooooool!)

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