Johor Floods (Part 1)

We all know about the massive floods in Johor. With it being my home state and all, I decided to make a trip down to see how things are. I went to Parit Sulong in Batu Pahat, one of the worst hit areas. What impressed me most is how organised and calm they are. The way they carry on is as if they don’t need any help. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it.

Feel like helping? Visit MERCY Malaysia or the Malaysian Red Crescent.

(Part 1 of a series)

4 responses to “Johor Floods (Part 1)

  1. salam, tahniah, rasanya anda merupakan trendsetter bagi ‘freelance reporter’ di malaysia. macammana saya boleh berhubung dengan saudara. saya masih merupakan pelajar masscom itm.mungkin saya boleh menghubungi saudara melalui email ..saya berminat ddengan kerja2 yang saudara lakukan..


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