The Fat Bidin Film Club (Ep 256) – Gadis Jolobu

The Fat Bidin Film Club (Ep 256) – Gadis Jolobu
Three dirty old men act very desperately to court three young women in the small town of Jelebu.

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2 responses to “The Fat Bidin Film Club (Ep 256) – Gadis Jolobu

  1. The whole thing about show your “credentials” before you criticise/review is necessary and overrated. The producer who objected to an earlier review was just being defensive; reveals a lot about his/her own insecurities and intellectual shortcomings.

    We don’t have to be filmmakers to have views on films. (Same as we don’t have to be soldiers to comment on the horrors of war!) Your reviews are insightful, honest and hugely entertaining in their own right. The only negative thing, for me, is that I have not been able to watch the movies you review because a) they never got to the country where I live – although I am now in Malaysia and b) I suspect they’re in BM, and I do not speak BM.

    Thoroughly enjoy your reviews!


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