The Fat Bidin Film Club (Ep 244) – Gila Gusti

The Fat Bidin Film Club (Ep 244) – Gila Gusti
This movie seems to want to create awareness about the existence of a professional wrestling organisation in Malaysia. But we can’t decide if it is a satire, parody, drama or even a film at all!

This is the podcast version:

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One response to “The Fat Bidin Film Club (Ep 244) – Gila Gusti

  1. Zan Azlee should stop lying about weighing his wallet. No one
    sane weigh his wallet. Receipt can weigh more than ringgit.But
    what so you expect of a Sabahan blog or goblog.
    supporting subsidies mentsality Zan Azlee fought the tokaey china men. The cina tokey is so
    rich that they dont even bother to claim 700 millions becuase all
    these while they hide thier figures and their income. haha
    So if you are not bothered with 700 million it means you steal billions
    in tax avoidance.
    so idiots like Zan Azlee support giving CASH to cina oil manufacutrers
    but not giving direct to poor individuals as they won’t learn
    how to fish. Hello all these chinese were poor, it was with the government help
    they go their license their land. So why not help
    the poor 100 is more than enough cooking oil to give you heart problem.


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