Embarking on my 8th book project – ‘THE KHUTBAH DIARIES’

Ladies and gentlemen! I will be embarking on my eighth book project and it will be titled ‘THE KHUTBAH DIARIES’ and it will be published by Amir Muhammad’s Matahari Books.

I shall traverse the country listening to Friday sermons in the different mosques and gathering the reaction of the congregation. I’m hoping for it to be very casual, fun and tongue in chic! Like Zan Azlee lah! Muahahaha!!

And since there is no budget for overseas travel, and we still want some overseas content, we are making a call for contributions:

We want to get true accounts about the sermons dished out every Friday in mosques. Journalist Zan Azlee will be traveling around Malaysia to lend the khatibs his ears. We also want stories from outside of Malaysia and since the budget is tight and Zan insists on traveling only business class, we’re not sending him out.

So we are seeking Malaysians who are living abroad and won’t mind attending a Friday Prayer session or two in a mosque where they are and writing about the experience. We have a few guidelines:
* Do interviews (if possible with the khatib who gave the sermon and the jemaah who were listening)
* Do share your thoughts about the content of the khutbah
* Do compare this with your experience of khutbahs in Malaysia
* You piece should be around ‪1500 – 2500‬ words
E-mail entries to matahari.books@gmail.com with the subject THE KHUTBAH DIARIES. Deadline 30 June 2020. Each accepted entry gets RM200 and 3 free copies of the book.#TheKhutbahDiaries
Sekian, terima kasih!

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