WE ARE ANIMALS – The full documentary

WE ARE ANIMALS (2018, 50 minutes)
Journalist and documentary filmmaker, Zan Azlee, spends several weeks in Kutupalong, Bangladesh. It is the world’s largest refugee camp, housing close to a million displaced Rohingya. He catches a glimpse of life in the camp through the residents, assists a group of medical volunteers there, and even heads to the border and witnesses a group of several hundred Rohingya pleading for refuge who have just crossed the border from Myanmar.

This film was screened at:
– The 2018 Refugee Fest: Inclusion For A Better World
– 2018 Cooler Lumpur Festival

*a little error in the article though… I am still very much a journalist, and not a ‘former’ journalist.

For more info about the film: https://fatbidin.com/category/we-are-animals/

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