Can we really save the world? Really? We talk on BFM 89.9

I’m back on BFM 89.9’s A Bit Of Culture with Kam Raslan and Umapagan Ampikaipakan. We talk about saving the world, cyborgism and sex! Yeah babeyyy!!! So go click play and listen!

2 responses to “Can we really save the world? Really? We talk on BFM 89.9

  1. Hi Zan, how are you? 🙂 I read your article and hope you’re open to my challenging your thoughts a little :p

    1) Does the government actually have a duty to protect those who made a conscious decision to sell their bodies for a living or is this a suggestion to clear our conscience? Because legalizing sex work to eliminate ‘a whole lot of societal problems’ as shared in your article just seems to me an initiative to make the country seem like one that is functioning ‘fine’ from a ‘legal’ point of view and that may not actually the solve the core problem which is an unhealthy means to money.

    2) If legalizing it means ‘ensuring the well-being of the industry’ then I’d like to ask if you truly think it’s an industry that’s worth being given attention to? Because if this is legalized in our country which I believe we all highly doubt so lol, it would mean that our authorities would have to commit a great deal of resources (money, time, manpower etc) to it so just want to know if you really think it’s worth it, especially when there are other lots more societal problems that I think are more in need of our attention such as poverty, lack of education, teenage pregnancy etc?

    3) With regards to this part of your article:
    [Does it mean if we don’t acknowledge prostitution, then it actually doesn’t happen in the country? ]
    I don’t think prostitution is not acknowledged in our country, because if it isn’t it wouldn’t have made so many headlines in our papers. Not acknowledging it would mean that there would be no mention about it at all in the news at least which isn’t the case in our country. It has definitely been acknowledged. In fact, too many times before, as evidenced by the reports in our news media. It’s just that it’s a topic that I think people generally find distasteful and if legalizing it means acknowledging it then I don’t think it would make the subject any less unpleasant. Also, I think the need for sex isn’t necessarily the core problem of this issue, the issue is that no one has figured out the best way to curb this problem till this day and hence remains the oldest profession in the world. Most, if not all, people who are involved in this line of work such as the pimps and prostitutes are usually in it for the same reason – money. Fast money. Not a sin to want fast money. Just the means of achieving it is widely frowned upon because morally, most people know it’s ‘not right’.


    • Sorry Zan, posted this comment onto the wrong post and couldn’t undo it. This comment is clearly for your more recent article titled ‘Why sex work should be legalised in Malaysia’.


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