Splitting myself in two: I will be at Pesta Filem Kita and Iskarnival 2016 this weekend

I will be performing a miracle this weekend. I will split myself into two because I will be attending the Pesta Filem Kita in Kuala Lumpur and the Iskarnival 2016 in Johor Bahru. Just a simple feat for me!


Come join the Guerilla Filmmaking Workshop that I will be conducting at Pesta Filem Kita this Saturday (17th September) at 12pm. It will take place at the Content Malaysia Pitching Centre, KL Sentral. Yes, it’s true! Everyone can be a filmmaker! Just look at me!


I will also be at Iskarnival 2016 (17th and 18th September) at the Mall of Medini in Johor Bahru selling my books. I’ll be there with who else if not Apan! So do come by and say hi if you are in the area!


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