Be ‘selfish’ and rise up, youth of Malaysia!



Be ‘selfish’ and rise up, youth of Malaysia!
By Zan Azlee

I was very invigorated and excited when I saw the Tangkap MO1 demonstration happening with relative success last weekend. It was organised and attended by mostly the youth and students in the country.

Politics aside, this is exactly what’s needed to guarantee a good future for the country – young people who are intelligent, aware, passionate, concern and are active in playing a role in society.

They felt enough motivation to organise and mobilise themselves for a cause that they believe in. So if anyone were to say to me that Malaysian youth are apathetic, I will strongly disagree.

When Azalina Othman, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, gave her advice to students at Universiti Malaya, I felt a strong sense of responsibility and obligation to point out that she is wrong. Wrong as wrong can be.

She says that students need to be “selfish” and concentrate only on their studies instead of trying to express their views and change the country. They shouldn’t be involved in “illegal politics”, whatever that means, until after graduation.

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