The Fat Bidin Vlog (Ep 49) – Really intimate with Takahara Suiko!

The Fat Bidin Vlog (Ep 49) – Really intimate with Takahara Suiko!

I try to convince Takahara Suiko aka The Venopian Solitude from committing suicide.

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Staying Alive
By Zan Azlee

Takahara Suiko aka The Venopian Solitude does not want to commit suicide. So she creates as much as possible – music, poetry, acting and even vlogging. She does it all just to stay alive.

It’s very easy to kill yourself in Japan. The Keio train line that runs in western Tokyo is one of the most infamous spots for those who have lost hope in life.

And with the Japanese being well known for their efficiency, the accurate timing of the trains also means it makes it easy for people to plan out their suicides.

“So if a train is ever delayed in Japan, then you know what just happened,” explains Takahara Suiko.

You wouldn’t think that Takahara, or also known as The Venopian Solitude, as someone who would raise the issue of suicide in a conversation about her life.

She is a musician, writer, actor and vlogger. She has written hundreds of songs, published a book, written poems, is a YouTube sensation and writes scripts. And she’s happily married too – to popular YouTube vlogger Anwar Hadi.

With so much going on in her life, you would think that she was happy and content. Well, in a way she is sort of happy with the fact that she gets to do what she does. Sort of.

“I don’t ever want to feel like I’m really happy doing what I do because I only write music and do it all because I just have to. It’s like how people just have to breathe and eat,” she says.

At least Takahara isn’t contemplating suicide anymore. Her Japan days are over, but she doesn’t mind reminiscing about it if not just for people to understand.

[Go to My Malaysia to read the full story]





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