Anti-vaxxers are unfit parents


Anti-vaxxers are unfit parents
By Zan Azlee

A disease outbreak is happening is Malaysia and it’s all because of a bunch of stupid and ignorant parents who don’t want to vaccinate their children.

I don’t believe in name calling even when I’m criticising others. But I think ‘stupid’ and ‘ignorant’ are quite apt in referring to these anti-vaxxers.

According to news reports, the number of cases of preventable diseases such as measles and tetanus have gone up significantly in Malaysia

In fact, two children died from diphtheria last week, one in Kedah and another in Melaka, while seven others are in hospital. Diphtheria was almost eradicated in the country. But it’s back now.

And yet, the number of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children continue to increase. There are 1,054 as of May 2015, compared to 470 in 2013.

Do not be stupid as to put the entire nation, or the entire world, in danger just because you don’t want to vaccinate your children. That is just irresponsible.

And really, don’t be so stupid as to put your own children, who are too young to think for themselves, in danger just because you can’t think straight! That’s just cruel!

And these anti-vaxxers should stop with their nonsensical explanations. Firstly, don’t blame religion. Islam says it is wrong to put knowingly put your life in danger, what more your children.

So what if some vaccines have traces of pig DNA? Don’t you know what ‘istihalah’is? It is the transformation of najis or filth into something different, usually something beneficial.

One simple example here. The use of manure, which is basically animal feces, to fertilise plants. Would the produce like vegetables and fruits from these plants be considered haram?

The rationale would be that if any element initially considered haram is chemically transformed into a different, more useful form, it should be considered halal.

This is supported by many Islamic scholars, among them renowned ulamas like Yusof Qardawi, Sheikh Faisal Maulawi and even our own Datuk Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin.

Islam is a religion that, first and foremost, does not inconvenience it’s followers. And something that is done for the good of mankind, should be accepted as that.

There are also those who think that vaccines can cause autism in children. Well, the answer is no and that has been scientifically proven. There is no link whatsoever.

There has been scientific studies that show a link between autism and faulty genes that have been passed on to the child from parents. So think about that a bit more!

There are so many deadly diseases that can easily kill your child if they are not vaccinated. It really isn’t hard to use your logic and common sense.

And if these anti-vaxxers still refuse to vaccinate their children, then the children should be taken away from them because they are unfit to be parents.


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