Is Buzzfeed finding trouble trying to break into hard news?


Buzzfeed has been the buzz word (See what I just did there?? Hahaha!!) for many news content producers around the world for their viral stories and massive traffic. Every one wants to get their numbers and, probably trying to emulate their content.

(They got 76.7 million multi-platform unique visitors in April alone!)

However, it seems that Buzzfeed wants to re-brand themselves as more of a news and c urrent affairs site these recent days, according to an article in Digiday.Com. They’ve hired star blogger Ben Smith from Politico and also added Pulitzer-winning journalists onto their payroll.

However, there are indications that Buzzfeed’s stories on cute cats, skateboarding dogs and unlimited listicles on insignificant issues. And, according to the article, they are still quite new and trying hard to make headway in hard news.

But, I have to say, personally, their long form journalism section, Buzzfeed Big Stories, has impressed me and I have been a regular organic visitor to that section (I actually head directly to the main page rather than clicking on a story that had been shared).

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