GoPro Journalism!


I lost my GoPro in the Celebes Sea last week. Tried to free dive 30 meters to try and retrieve it, but I’m no Bajau Laut! Goddammit!! And so I bought a new one yesterday. Woohoo!! And this got me thinking about multimedia journalism (naturally!).

As a solo multimedia journalist, I’m always finding ways to make my shoots as simple and easy as possible. Just slightly over 4 years ago, I had to carry two cameras along with me, a video camera and a still photo camera. But these days, all I need is a DSLR camera and a microphone. I don’t even bother with a tripod.

And then there are smartphones, of which these days, quality is just so good. And it is perfect for going into areas that requires discreetness. Check out this 30 minute TV documentary I shot in Myanmar for Astro Awani.

Now back to my new GoPro. It’s freaking awesome! I chose to get the Hero 4 Silver rather than the top of the line Hero 4 Black just because it has a built in monitor at the back… which makes it just so much easier to shoot (instead of guessing how your shot looks like!).

It’s so small (the size of a matchbox) and it shoots 12MP pictures and even 4K video. Imagine what it can do for a solo journalist!

Check out this website called GoPro and Journalism which talks about everything journalism and, you guessed it, GoPro cameras!

And currently, I have even assigned an Astro AWANI reporter to go all the way to Nepal to report about the earthquake with only an iPhone.


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