How important is online video news content?


I’m a multimedia guy. I think every single media platform serves a purpose when it comes to telling a story. Text, video, audio and photos all play a part depending on the story.

And I just read an interesting article on about the Wall Street Journal’s online video efforts in contributing towards the whole organisation’s content plan.

They now have a team of 40 people producing 40 original videos a day for their website. And they get more than 6 million views a month and advertiser demand for videos is strong.

They also push their videos out on every available platform, from YouTube, AOL, Facebook, Vine, Twitter to even Apple TV. They aren’t fussy about it being only on their platform (as oppose to many traditional TV news organisations trying to go digital!).

So, if you’re a journalist are not too familiar with video, especially for the Internet, start thinking about it. Oh… and here’s a video by the BBC about producing compelling video news content. Real good stuff!


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