Hands off the journalists, please



Hands off the journalists, please
By Zan Azlee

Many say the numerous arrests going on in the country, with the most recent being the five editors and top executives from The Malaysian Insider and The Edge Media Group, are an act of intimidation and scare tactic.

It could be working because I know fellow journalists who have said to me that they now have to watch what they report and write about because they feel that they could be arrested, too.

To be honest, I myself have entertained the thought that I need to be careful of what I write and how I express my opinion, lest it should lead me in the lock-up as well.

Somehow, when I saw my friend Jahabar Sadiq, the CEO of The Malaysian Insider, in handcuffs with hands behind the back being led by police in the Dang Wangi police station, it hit me.

It hit me that if it could happen to him, then it could happen to me and any of the journalists in Malaysia as well. And to be totally honest, it scared me.

And that fear caused me to entertain the thought that I needed to be careful. The intimidation and scare tactic was slowly taking effect. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

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