The Look of Silence – a film that forces us to reflect on our humanity



The Look of Silence – a film that forces us to reflect on our humanity
By Zan Azlee

Sometimes, bygones should be left as bygones because when you start to stir things up, things can get very discomforting. Unless, of course, if such bygones are considered serious injustices that have been overlooked all this while.

Joshua Oppenheimer did exactly that when he directed and released the documentary film ‘The Act of Killing’ in 2012. The film discusses the 1965-1966 genocide that happened in Indonesia when a military coup took over the government.

The new regime brutally killed around 500,000 Indonesians who they claimed were ‘communists’. The film’s main character is Anwar Congo, the leader of one of the local gangs who carried out the killings on behalf of the government.

The film made so much of an impact that it was banned in Indonesia and was even nominated for an Academy Award. It also opened up a whole can of worms among Indonesians, who started questioning their own national history.

Oppenheimer is now back with a sequel to ‘The Act of Killing’. If the first was shown from the perspective of the perpetrators, the new documentary, ‘The Look of Silence’, turns the table and we see things from the eyes of the victim’s family. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]


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