I just want my drugs fast!

A local Afghan donating blood.


I just want my drugs fast!
By Zan Azlee

I go to the hospital or clinic when I’m not feeling well. I tell the doctor my problems and she makes diagnosis and tells me what medication he will give me.

I walk outside to the waiting area and a nurse will call me to the counter. There, he gives me my medicine and tells me how to take them. I pay and I leave.

All this talk about medicine only to be prescribed by a doctor and then for a patient to have to go to a pharmacy somewhere else to get the medicine just sounds to troublesome.

I’m not concern how systems are open to abuse over the other. Doctors dispensing medicine means they can manipulate the system. Pharmacy companies holding a monopoly mean they can abuse the alternative system.

I’m not concern about how there may be cases currently where patients would rather go to a pharmacy after self-diagnosing and then convincing the pharmacist to sell them what drugs they think will cure them.

I’m not concern about the lack of pharmacies in the rural areas, or anywhere else around the country for that matter, which would mean that to make it a law to dispense medicine through pharmacies difficult.

I’m not concern about private clinics who have apparently been applying a lower consultation fee because they have been able to subsidise it with the revenue they make from dispensing medicine will have to increase their fee. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

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