Apparently, rape is all I think about



Apparently, rape is all I think about
By Zan Azlee

Well, according to some experts (a particular good doctor), my head is full of sex and all I can think about when I see those of the opposite gender is to want to commit rape.

It wouldn’t matter whether they are my family members, friends or colleagues, I would just constantly feel the urge because their bodies are just too arousing. And I am offended.

Yes, my loyal readers. I am copping out this week because I have writer’s block and I have turned to my muse for inspiration in writing this column.

My muse, the good Dr. Ridhuan Tee, academic and preacher, has stated in his newspaper column that women’s bodies are arousing and that they make men want to rape them.

Hence, women need to cover up their bodies if they do not want to be raped. According to him, prevention is better than cure and it seems that the blame lies on the women.

We live in a society that has too long disrespected women and constantly stigmatise women sexually. It is as if women is the root of all evil.

If a woman dresses to revealing, she must be loose and is just inviting people to have sex with her. So when a man wants to rape her, it would be her fault and not the man.

And the reason society has come to be like this is because of sexist, chauvinistic and disrespectful men who continue to have the mentality like Dr. Ridhuan Tee.

Why can’t it be the fault of the men? Let me lay out several scenarios for the good doctor to ponder and see if these good be other solutions to prevent rape as well. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

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