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Zan Azlee is a media professional based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He founded Fat Bidin Media in 2003. The services he provides include directing, producing, scriptwriting, videography, news reporting/journalism and consultation for broadcast, print and New Media.

He started his career in 2000 as a print journalist for The Sun (Malaysian national newspaper) and then as a broadcast journalist at ntv7 (Malaysian national television station). His last senior position in a newsroom was as Senior Editor for Digital Media at ASTRO AWANI (Malaysia’s first 24-hour news channel).

He has contributed as a correspondent for The Netherlands’ VPRO Metropolis TV (award-winning Dutch documentary series) and a videojournalist for VJ Movement (Dutch-based news agency) and a contributor to CNN International, Al Jazeera International and GlobalPost (US-based news agency).

He writes several regular columns for AsianCorrespondent.Com (social commentary), (social commentary). He used to write columns for The Malaysian Insider (social commentary), AstroAWANI.Com (social commentary), (finance and economy) and (parenting). He also produces regular podcasts and video blogs.

Zan is an independent filmmaker who has produced and directed numerous films that have gone on to screen at local and international film festivals such as the Malaysian Video Awards, Berlin International Film Festival, Bangkok International Film Festival, New York Asian-American Film Festival and Singapore International Documentary Film Festival. His documentaries have won awards at the Festival Filem Malaysia, Anugerah Seri Angkasa and Malaysian Video Awards.

Under his company Fat Bidin Media, he has produced several feature length documentaries. His first, THE LOOK-EAST PROJECT (AKA PANDANG KE TIMUR), was commissioned by national television station ntv7 in 2007. His second feature length documentary, I’M MUSLIM TOO!, was aired in 2008, also on ntv7. THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY (AKA: I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border) shot in 2008/2009 is his third feature length documentary film and is also a book (Titled: OPERATION NASI KERABU – FINDING PATANI IN AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY) written by Zan and published by ZI Publications Sdn Bhd. KAMPUNG BARU ALAF BARU is his fourth feature length documentary film and was broadcast on ntv7 in September 2010.

Zan’s most ambitious project was when he visited Afghanistan on a reporting assignment during the anniversary of 9/11. He filed regular video and text reports for several news organisations while he was there. After his return, the content he obtained was produced into a photo-essay for Esquire magazine, an online documentary film titled ‘GUIDE TO AFGHANISTAN: THE ADVENTURES OF A KL-ITE‘, and a non-fiction graphic novel titled ‘THE ADVENTURES OF A KL-ITE IN AFGHANISTAN‘.

He is also an author and has penned four non-fiction books. The first in 2006 was a guide book on the Internet, followed by a non-fiction novel titled ‘OPERATION NASI KERABU: FINDING PATANI IN AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY‘ in 2011, a graphic novel titled ‘THE ADVENTURES OF A KL-ITE IN AFGHANISTAN‘ in 2014 and a masterclass guide book titled ‘GUIDE TO INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING‘. In 2016, he released another book ‘JOURNO-DAD! THE CHRONICLES OF A JOURNALIST WHO JUST HAPPENS TO BE A FATHER‘.

Zan and his company Fat Bidin Media has been involved in many television productions (news and current affairs, documentaries) for many clients such as Al Jazeera International, VPRO TV (Dutch broadcaster), VJ Movement (Dutch news agency), GlobalPost (US-based news agency), Hallmark Channel, Discovery Travel & Living, Media Prima Bhd, Red Com Sdn Bhd, SEN Sdn Bhd, ASTRO, Popiah Pictures Sdn Bhd, Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd, Monsoon Pictures Sdn Bhd, Pesona Pictures Sdn Bhd, DiGi Bhd, the Malaysian Palace of Justice, the Selangor State Government and more. He is also a volunteer videographer for MERCY Malaysia, a medical relief NGO.

Zan holds a MA in Broadcast Journalism from Staffordshire University, UK, and is also a broadcast journalism and documentary lecturer at several local universities. He is also regularly invited to conduct lectures, talks and workshops.

Zan is available for hire.



  • Broadcast journalist
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Scriptwriter
  • Videographer
  • Voice-over artist
  • Hosting
  • Consultation
  • Lecturing/Speaking engagements


  • Print journalist
  • Copywriting
  • Translation (English—Bahasa Malaysia)
  • Editor
  • Consultation
  • Lecturing/Speaking engagements

New Media/Internet

  • Web videos
  • Content development (video/audio/text)
  • Viral marketing
  • Consultation

Lecturing/Speaking engagements/Workshops/Training

Unique advertising and sponsorship opportunities as well as content syndication is also available.

Contact Zan for a free initial consultation.

3 responses to “Background & Services

  1. salam zan, or what i like to call in kelantan, abang zan. I’m sidd hail from kelantan and right now an accountacy student in UiTM Machang.

    I’ve been dreaming to make my own film based from real life story which happen in my life. I thought when i in tertiary level i could produce a decent one until i realise the difficulties.

    My brother gave me your blog and finally i have the courage to ask you. You can say i’m just a beginner but I’m willing to learn about filming and anything about it.

    My passion is within filming and i wish you could understand it.



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