Can we have equal education for all in Malaysia?



Can we have equal education for all in Malaysia?
By Zan Azlee

I have always wondered why parents (and even many students) in Malaysia have always been obsessed about getting into the right schools so their children can get the best education.

They would pressure their children to get good grades so they can get into schools like fully-residential schools (SBP) and MRSMs (Mara Junior College).

Some even go to the extent of faking their addresses so their children can get into their choice of non-boarding schools that are not in their living vicinity.

Even my parents did the same thing for my brothers and I. They didn’t fake our address, but they did make sure we got into the ‘best’ schools and I even had to go to a fully-residential school.

Why I’m raising this issue is not because I think parents shouldn’t want their children to go the good schools. Of course they should and so should their children.

My real intention is to question why should there even be a difference in the quality of schools all around the country. Shouldn’t public education be equal and standard for all?

Why is it that the best teachers are sent to only certain schools like the Bestaris, SBPs and MRSMs instead of being spread out throughout the country?

Why are certain schools given better allocations to develop their infrastructure and resources for the benefit of the students and teachers instead of every single school? [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]


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