So you want to sell things online?




So you want to sell things online?
By Zan Azlee

Ever felt like you could be a businessman online just because you’ve seen so many people doing it? There are those selling tudungs, handicrafts, clothes, cars, antiques, you just name it without having a brick and mortar store.

People are selling things right, left and centre on the Internet that it wouldn’t be impossible not to think you could do it too. And honestly, its true. Just like everyone else, you really can do it without much thought. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to go large scale like a big online store or even if you want to something on the side, like selling personal collectibles as a hobby and to make a little bit of pocket money. It can be done easy and cheaply.

I, myself, sell my DVDs and books online on my website and although I don’t have the sales figures of Amazon, I’m pretty happy with the numbers I’m moving of my own products. So I thoughy I’d share some of my practices.

Of course scale is everything and you would have to adapt your operations with how big you want to be. But what I am offering here is the basics of what can be done these days because of the technology around us. [Click to read the full article at KopitiamEkonomi.Com]

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