An explanation from our badminton hero, please



An explanation from our badminton hero, please
By Zan Azlee

I feel strongly that I deserve an explanation from Datuk Lee Chong Wei for this apparent issue about him failing a random doping test several weeks ago.

This is simply because Chong Wei is a national icon the entire country look up to as a hero and Malaysian representative on the world stage.

In becoming the world’s number one badminton player, Chong Wei has brought Malaysian sports to the next level.

Don’t forget, he is also the country’s most decorated Olympian!

Malaysians have bonded and come together whenever we watched our hero play in international tournaments, and  have supported him every single time, win or lose.

No Malaysian can ever blame Chong Wei for not giving his best in everything that he does or even giving up. Just look back at the last Olympics final, when he fought tooth and nail against his arch nemesis Lin Dan of China, and eventually lost.

The disappointment and tears shed during the medal presentation was enough for the nation to forgive him and continue to support him through thick and thin.

Through his perseverance and relentless attitude, he has inspired many Malaysians to give their best in everything that they do and to have self-confidence knowing that they can be the best.

However, in my opinion,the most valuable contribution that Chong Wei has done, is to make Malaysians feel like true Malaysians, even if it is just for those few hours whenever he plays.

And because of this, he, and everyone involved, owes me and all Malaysians an explanation to what really took place that made him fail the doping test. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

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