Take the plunge to self-employment


Take the plunge to self-employment
By Zan Azlee

Arif Rafhan, a close friend of mine, recently quit his full time job at an IT company where he was also a partner in to concentrate on, of all things, doodling.This is a person who has an extraordinary mutant-like talent for drawing and art but had been fully and gainfully employed for more than ten years in a field totally different. What made the push? I was working on my third book (about my adventures in Afghanistan) and decided that it should be a graphic novel. I called on him to be the illustrator.

Well, I don’t know if that was the whole push that help make his decision. But I would really like to believe that I had some small role in it. Arif (or as we all know him as Apan), is now a full time doodler, illustrator and artist who takes on any project that can make full use of his talents. And I’ve never seen him more excited. Here’s a story that is close to my heart and also one that I feel needs to be shared. More than ten years ago, I made the same decision that Apan did.

I decided to quit my full time job as a TV reporter to indulge in my interests which were (and still are!) writing and video/filmmaking.

Sure, the income and stability was a bit lacking in the beginning, but I couldn’t have been more excited, happy and enthusiastic to be doing what I love and at my own terms. It turned out great for me and those were my most productive and satisfying years of my creative life. Financially, it was rewarding too. Its true what they say about doing what you love. I tried to convince Apan to do the same way back when I took the plunge too. But he was more interested in climbing the corporate ladder and becoming rich (admit it Apan! haha!). Compared to mine, Apan’s journey will probably be a bit more nerve-wrecking (to me at least). He has a whole family with a wife and two kids to take care of now. [Click to read the full article at KopitiamEkonomi.Com]

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