From Nothing to Something: How to Make Passion Work for You



From Nothing to Something: How to Make Passion Work for You
By Zan Azlee

Many years ago, I wanted to make documentary films. Unfortunately, I had totally no clue of how to begin such a career and I didn’t know any way to go about it.

I wondered if there was a job I could look for in the newspaper’s classified ads that stated ‘documentary filmmaker’? No, I couldn’t. Believe me, I tried looking!

So what I decided to do was to just shamelessly declare myself a documentary filmmaker. Luckily for me, digital technology and the Internet were just about to boom during that time.

If I couldn’t apply for a job as a ‘documentary filmmaker’, I could just buy a cheap camera and make my own short (and long!) documentary films.

So, I turned my films into DVDs and just started handing it out to as many people as I could and also submitting to different film festivals and competitions.

Of course, I also started a YouTube page as well as a website and posted many of the films I made for people around to watch online.

It was definitely not my intention at that time, but I had inadvertently turned myself into an independent documentary filmmaker.

Slowly, my work began to obtain recognition. I had my own style too (or that’s what I like to believe!), which was being a one-man-crew.

I wrote, shot, edited and distributed my own films. And somehow, that allowed me to turn documentary filmmaking into a career.

Here’s how it worked. Once I had completed a film, I would approach broadcasters with a proposal to see if they’re interested in my story.

If they were, we would negotiate a deal and I would sell my programme to them for a fee. And here is where it got interesting for me. [Click to read the full article at KopitiamEkonomi.Com]

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