The Fat Bidin Vox Pop (Ep 2) – When Facebook profiles become news… a new way to judge character?

Zan and Aizyl take to the mean streets of Malaysia to see how the public thinks their Facebook profile pages will be portrayed by the media if they get their 15-minutes of fame! So… they find out that nerds become dirty online and losers become cool!

And the context is:

A Malaysian diplomat is being accused of sexual assault. Is his Facebook profile a good way to determine his moral judgement? On other social media related news… Nando’s have made their stand in the whole soup kitchen fiasco pretty clear – that they’re irrelevant to the conversation. Good job!

As you probably know, The Fat Bidin Vox Pop videos are suppose to complement The Fat Bidin Podcasts, and vice versa.

Do listen to the podcast where they discuss this between the two of them in the comfort of their own company below:

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Produced by FATBIDIN.COM and hosted by Zan Azlee and Aizyl Azlee.

This vox pop is made available with the support of Intel Malaysia.

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