The Fat Bidin Vox Pop – Homosexuality in Islam? Damn you, western liberal threat!

How is the media treating the LGBT issue in Malaysia? Should we be accepting of it? Should we even be discussing it? Zan and Aizyl are on the mean streets of KL to find out in this first episode of The Fat Bidin Vox Pop.

So The Fat Bidin Vox Pop videos are suppose to complement The Fat Bidin Podcasts, and vice versa. Get it? Get it? Smart eh? Hahaha!!

Do listen to the podcast where they discuss this between the two of them in the comfort of their own company HERE!

Subscribe to the Vox Pop videos HERE!

Produced by FATBIDIN.COM and hosted by Zan Azlee and Aizyl Azlee.

This vox pop is made available with the support of Intel Malaysia.

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