Sometimes, it takes a generation for transformation



Sometimes, it takes a generation for transformation
By Zan Azlee

One of the reasons why education is one of the National Key Economic Areas under Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) is because, not only will it help in developing the country, it also provides upward social mobility for it’s citizens.

If you address education, all other areas will be addressed as well, from the nation’s general economic disparity, right down to the development of specific industries. As the Malay saying goes, melentur buluh biar lah dari rebungnya.

Instead of problems like lack of a quality curriculum or even uncommitted teaching staff, the problem SMK Taman Tun Dr. Ismail in Kuala Lumpur faced was how to integrate a large group of students from varying levels of economic backgrounds.

The school serves an area that has people of diverse financial situations. It has the extremes of those living on both ends of the spectrum; the upper class residential areas where houses cost millions and squatter areas where the houses are shacks. [Click to read the full article at KopitiamEkonomi.Com]

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