I guest-hosted an episode of ‘A Bit of Culture’ on BFM

BFM A bit of culture

So… Kam Raslan of the BFM rado show ‘A Bit of Culture‘ contacted me and asked if I would like to guest-host an episode of the show along with him and She Fah Szetu. Might as well, right? You can click the image above to listen to the episode or… just click here.

Here’s the BFM summary of the episode:

“Rising Ethnic Tensions” is a phrase commonly used to describe sticky situations in places like Rwanda or Crimea, but also, if we believe the media hype, in Malaysia. Is this for real or are we OK?  Journalist and Bedroom-podcaster Zan Azlee joins the fray to discuss Apathy, Media and Work vs Freelance.

And if you want to listen to The Fat Bidin Podcast hosted by me and my brother Aizyl Azlee, go here.

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