Astro AWANI solo-journalist nominated for a National Press Club Award


I started the solo-journalism (SoJo) training in the Astro AWANI newsroom more than a year ago and the management even purchased about a dozen smartphones and tablets for this purpose. This year, one of our SoJos, Hilal Azmi, has been nominated as ‘Broadcast Journalist of the Year’ at the Malaysian National Press Club Awards 2014. Hilal has not been shy shooting with his iPhone on his daily assignments (and he carries a wireless smartphone lens – the Sony QX10). He even reported from Syria early this year with only his iPhone. I see this nomination as a big step for solo-journalism in Malaysia. Woohoo!!

Other Astro AWANI journalists who have been nominated include Teoh El Sen (‘Broadcast Journalist of the Year’ and ‘Journalist of the Year’) and Siti Noor Arfa Mohd Yunus (Young Journalist of the Year).

Watch some of Hilal’s SoJo reporting below:

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