Street demos are meant to disrupt



Street demos are meant to disrupt
By Zan Azlee

Sometimes I think many in the country don’t seem to get the concept of a street assembly, rally or demonstration.

I was watching a local television news programme two days ago and they had a news story whereby they interviewed the public regarding street demonstrations.

It was amusing to see the reactions of the people who were being interviewed. All of them seemed to have the opinion that street demonstrations caused trouble and disrupted daily lives.

They felt annoyed that traffic will be affected, businesses will be disrupted and whatnot. It seemed like they didn’t appreciate the trouble it would cause them for that few hours.

Don’t they realise that street demonstrations aim to do exactly that? They intentionally want to stop traffic, cause chaos to businesses and put a stop to daily operations. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]


One response to “Street demos are meant to disrupt

  1. Exactly! One of the key purposes of the street demonstration is to disrupt the capitalist system, even in such a small and superficial way. The other I believe, is to occupy public space with the memes of the demonstration, bringing the concepts into people’s mind-space, even if they disagree with them.


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