Johoreans and their blind pride

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Johoreans and their blind pride
By Zan Azlee

I have always been waiting for the chance to give my hometown, Johor Bahru, a nice, big burn! And it looks like the chance is now. It’s not that I don’t like my hometown, I do. I’m as proud to be a Johorean as any other Johorean out there, even if my family and I moved away way back in 1989.

I was so proud that the Johor football team was the first team in Malaysia to ever win the ‘double’ in 1991– the Malaysia Cup and the Premiere League in the same year. But what really annoys me is the blind pride that Johoreans are known to have. So blind that nothing outside of Johor is ever good enough.

Yes, I know! It’s a generalisation on my part. But that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. Just read on and you will see (hopefully!). Take my wife and her family for instance. Like me, they’re all from Johor Bahru too, and the things they complain about living in the Klang Valley can be so ridiculous.

“Sorry if the sambal doesn’t taste good. KL chili is plastic chili. Not like in JB.”

(I guess all chili bought outside of JB is fake chili?)

“The spaghetti they use to make Laksa Johor in KL is not as good as in JB.”

(Why a local Johor dish needs to have an ingredient originating from Italy beats me!)

“Wow! This noodle soup is really good! I’m sure the restaurant owner is from JB.”


“What kind of party is this? So boring! They’re not Johoreans, that’s why!”

(Now all you readers are getting the picture, right?)

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13 responses to “Johoreans and their blind pride

  1. pebende ko merepek nie, open minded la skit, dh die dh bese mkn sedap kt hometown, ofkos la akan everytime akan remind hometown die jugak…x kire la die dr mane pon…silap2 negeri lain pon akan buat bende same..ko tau ker? cth, org negeri mane plg byk tampal sticker negeri sendiri kt melesia nie walopon dh terang tgk reg number pon dh tau? jgn kate johor, sbb diorg pon baru jer slps kebangkitan TMJ n JDT…cet, pendek akal sungguh…


    • Dude obviously u have been living in your own lil’ world. And no doubt u might have meet a few ppl who speaks like this but few ppls equal to minority. stop making assumption if you aint know nothing about johoreans.


  2. Ha ha only stupid johorean would make stupid remarks like that n only a dunce would make such an imbecile generalisation. Guess what…. You and your wife…….spot on…..a perfect match


  3. Bro….. Don’t blame the entire state for the stupidity of your wife and her family. I’m a Johorean. Never have I heard my family and friends make such a horrendous statements.


  4. Sdra Zan Azlee,
    Pride yes, but blind pride? Let me add another pride of mine , Johor being the only state in the Peninsular having both the Straits of Melaka and the South China Sea.
    If it is the mural you’re complaining about, tell me when and where should a mural be displayed, all over the town? And what constitute the mural to be an art form? What about the punk graffitis?
    Would you agree that there should be a semblance of order in what and where it could be displayed in town?


  5. Well, it seems that u are using ur freedom in writing to embarrass others in abrupt manner especially to ur johorean family. I am a johorean, and i believe u are totally wrong. They just stand up for what they believe is right, and say it with pride, nothing is wrong with that. And i think its very immature of u to raise up an issue n laugh back at the people who commented on it. Pity on u, as u are the one who people are laughing at. Being a critics won’t bring u far, but at least having pride n proud of it make u someone.

    -proud to be johorean-


  6. Personally I actually don’t really care whether they leave it or whitewash it. But having been back in JB past 5 years and seen the changes now and coming up, I do get a bit passionate and defensive on the bashing JB gets epecially on crime (and more so from Singaporeans). Its bad but not as bad as some make it out to be. Also there are tangible actions n results in the past 4 yrs. So critics on crime is not really something new for JB and authorities dont usually brush it aside nowadays. The fact that MBJB padam it is not simply a sign of being blind to critic. I have seen all 3 paintings (yes there were 3) and they are no where as creative and nice as those in Penang. And why the introduction of socio-political message / negative imagery in this one and not the others in Penang and lukis la dkt Jln Tan Hiok Nee (old JB) baru la ada impact to tourism. Tmn Molek is just like Tmn Midah, KL. JB deserves better! yes it’s pride but definitely not blind pride.. There is a problem and we will solve it and be much better than KL. then everyone will want to live here.. Btw, I moved here from KL and life is much more balanced here.


  7. Have a look at Iskandar Malaysia and see both the positive and negative achievements and judge for yourself. we are here to stay and hopefully we can attract and retain more talents and investments. Having pride is important to change paradigms here and impart positive self identity. Blind pride is something we can do without. Agreed, there are bigger things to worry about and achieve than this issue.. So lets not waste our time. Btw, whatever is your point in the first few paragraphs, it really lacked substance and evidence. Please at least give your readers some respect by making fair and well-researched analysis. Btw even thou my middle IC no is 71 (spore) I think my understanding of JB is way off the charts compared to you. You’d be better off writing about Sarawakians..


  8. I pity ur wife…I guess u r never be greatful of what u have.i dont understand what message u trying to send, ur wife plastic cili? Crime awareness? Or mural artist? What I can see is u r one fat big time loser who critics just to create ur own fame….sesuai la dgn u. Everyone in the world is proud with their hometown…u just being jealous becoz u didn’t grow up over here and u haven’t had the chance to feel what johoreans felt.


  9. Gee if what u say about crime in Johore is true than Johoreans must be the toughest, roughest and meanest people this side of the earth for living in such an extreme and tough country. Then those from the other state should stay away from johore if your too wimpy… Funny, most of the funniest and nicest people i know are from Johore and living in Selangor.


  10. Wow you just let the whole world looking at your stupidity. Clearly you are having a big family issue… yes you. Hahahahaha. Bukak pekong sendiri. Indeed you are the one that they called Johorean and their blind pride. This article is attacking your own attitude problem. Calling yourself a Johorean I bet you dont even know how to sing its anthem. Go see a shrink man.


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