Learn to swim if you don’t want to sink

Dear Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. What the hell are you talking about?

Learn to swim if you don’t want to sink
By Zan Azlee

The Bumiputeras of Malaysia. The princes of the land. The race that has the ruling blood flowing through it’s veins. The rightful owner of Malaysia. Or so they say.

Before I continue, let me declare that although I know that the term Bumiputera also defines those of the indigenous ethnicities in Malaysia, I am specifically only refering to the Malays in this article.

Always behind and always needing help ever since the dawn of Malaysia, it cannot be denied the Malays are a very unique race indeed.

For the sake of harmony and equality, affirmative action was put in place in the state system so that the Malays could prosper along with the other races in Malaysia.

They were given all kinds of handouts such as land, property, university quotas, corporate quotas and even literally cash (as in the case of Bumiputera handouts).

The objective was to give an advantage to the lagging Malays so they could then compete on an equal level with the rest of Malaysia.

It’s like a handicap in the sport of golf. Someone who isn’t as good would have a higher handicap so he or she could compete on an equal footing with someone better and who have a lower handicap.

The objective of this affirmative action was to provide the Malays with the essential confidence and know-how to finally compete on equal footing.

Like in the sport of golf, the main objective of a player is to finally turn professional and not have a handicap at all. That is when you know you are at par with the best.

Now that the country is turning 50 years old, one would wonder how strange it is that this Bumiputera affirmative action plan is still in place. You mean after 50 years, the Malays still need a handicap?

I guess they have gotten accustomed to all the handouts that they are now spoilt and cannot survive without these handouts to help them along.

But what else is new in what I am saying? People have been harping on this matter for many years and still nothing is being done about it.

The Malays feel like they deserve the sky and the moon, while the other races in Malaysia feel neglected and bertrayed in their own country.

You would think that after 50 years have gone by, the Malays, or even Malaysia as a whole, would have progressed and moved on.

But no. The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has just declared that to take the place of the old affirmative action bible, he will announce new policies that aims to further help Bumiputeras. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

One response to “Learn to swim if you don’t want to sink

  1. They called it the NEP at first.., OK, well and good… where the less fortunate in a society, any society, needs a helping hand, to cultivate a harmonious efficacious society; a natural progression of civility in civilisation, to be able to co-exist in larger and larger progressive productive socities.
    However, this has now been hijacked by Islamists and ”Ketuanaan Islam”, and the Dhimmi status of non-muslims is so apparent, and as to where the Jizya is being spent – on muslims only !!


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