Who’s to blame when a minister acts out?


Who’s to blame when a minister acts out?
By Zan Azlee

When an elected minister or politician says or does something that doesn’t make sense or is not becoming of a leader, who is to blame? Many would say that the minister or politician would be to blame since he or she is the one saying or doing the action. But now how valid is that?

Think about it. How many ministers are there that are actually fresh faces? The answer is none. Even the first time ministers are actually relatively veteran politicians.

So every member of the public would know them, their demeanour, personality and how they would react in different situations. In fact, it’s much easier than that, to tell you the truth.

Most of them have sheep mentality and just do whatever a member of their particular party is supposed to do. No one really is allowed to think for themselves.

Party comes first. And you really will know what to expect already. So don’t pretend to be surprised when you see them do or say something shocking.

When the public votes for them, they already know who and what they are voting for. So, by this we can make a very simple deduction that it really is the fault of the voters. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]


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