A conspiracy to pull Malaysians apart


A conspiracy to pull Malaysians apart
By Zan Azlee

In just a matter of approximately a month, we Malaysians have been flooded with all kinds of propaganda that seems to be threatening our racial harmony. First, there was the stupid, moronic, idiotic and imbecilic couple Alvivi and their Bak Kut Teh spirited Ramadhan wish to all Malaysians.

Then there was the issue of a headmaster who made non-Muslims eat in a shower-changing room during Ramadhan (although it is wrong, I genuinely believe there was no malicious intent by the headmaster).

Now, we have this harmless video of a Muslim woman who made a video (three years ago, mind you) with herself and her dogs wishing people Selamat Hari Raya.

Now for this third one, it gets a little bit tricky. Many say its insulting to Islam. I, however, do not think so since there is nothing stated anyway in the religious books that say dogs are un-Islamic (but I’m a dog-lover, so sue me).

I could not care less about whether Islam is being insulted, if there is a big racist plot to bring down all the non-Malays in the country, or if the fork ran away with the spoon. What bothers me is the fact that on Facebook timeline (yes, the world has come down to this – when an entire societal situation can be extrapolated from FB!), things are not rosy.

My timeline has been divided into two distinct sides – those who are on one side, and those who are on the other. And it pains me to see this happening. With all these stories coming out in the media, there has never been a larger rift in Malaysia than I can ever remember in my entire 35 years of being alive.

I cannot help but wonder if all these are just part of an elaborate media strategy with an aim to create dischord and disharmony amongst Malaysian… for selfish reasons. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

One response to “A conspiracy to pull Malaysians apart

  1. Yup we have a nation of paranoid Muslims who can easily be provoked to run amok. The favourite trigger now is ‘insulting Islam’. Hence we have many champions of Islam coming out to declare war against anyone who dare insult their religion. The last time I checked the Al-Quran; no mention about protecting the religion. However it did mention about protecting the weak and the oppressed without stating whether they have to be Muslims or not. If we do believe that Allah is Almighty, we also need to believe that Allah needs no protection from us mortals. Only the weak and oppressed among us do. I guess Muslims too have ego; really hugh ones especially if they are in power. So, don’t mess with their sensitivities. Now aren’t we supposed to suppress our ego; what more in this holy month of Ramadan?

    Our 2nd big man has shot his mouth off. To cover his ‘kemaluan’, the authorities have to make a scapegoat out of this helpless Muslim lady who loves dogs. Two political points for this big man. The first, we do not tolerate anyone who ‘insult’ Islam. The second, we are being fair since both Muslims and non-Muslims will be hauled up.

    Yup, our beloved country is certainly going to the dogs. No offense to dogs but I am also a dog-loving Muslim.


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