#FreeAlvivi #ChargeRealHateSpeechMakers


Free Alvivi, charge real hate speech makers
By Zan Azlee

I had made it a point to not comment in my writings or even mention in any conversations that I had about the Alvivi bak kut teh puasa incident. They are obviously cheap attention seekers who deserve not even a single ounce of my time and intellect.

But what the authorities did by charging the idiotic couple in court for sedition and pornography is just the wrong way to handle things. Hate speech is hate speech and can be very dangerous but it doesn’t take a genius to distinguish actual hateful intentions and just plain stupidity.

And Alvilvi is just obviously plain stupidity. And just like the rest of us, I wish we could jail people for stupidity too. But we can’t. Now let’s look at the real hate speech makers out there that have actual intentions of hate and are getting away with it scot-free. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]


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